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Greetings! My pseudonym is Kat/PM and I have a slight obsession with carapacians. (This is my main/personal/homestuck blog)


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patreon sketch request #1! really cute cuties

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this game is kinda shitty tbh

thank you for being so sweet at me ahh and promo-ing me. after you reblogged my promo i literally gained like 7 followers!!! you have some powerful magicks my friend. ;v; here’s the song i thought for your blog! it sounds kinda like a homestuck i was thinkin??? plus it’s bass is kinda chill like how your blog theme looks :9

ahh thank you this is so cool!!!

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tA: can’t tell iif 2eriiou2 or ju2t 2tupiid


slappin colors on random doodles

viwan themes